Welcome to the Senior Helper Store. We put your family’s health and well being first. However, don’t worry if you don’t live near us, the majority of our information and services are available on this website or our vendor's sites.  All product can be ordered online directly from the vendor.

We provide the latest healthcare information for families like yours that we have retrieved from sources like Bottom Line Books, 30 day cure for diabetes, Most Powerful Food Cures, Top ways to Stay Mentally Sharp and Independent, The Natural Physician's Healing Therapies, etc, etc.  We have even found proven remedies that Medical Doctors don't know???   We strive to offer the best advice and most current news to keep your family as healthy & safe as possible.  We direct you to vendor sites so you can evaluate the supplements & cures they suggest.  I am a senior myself, and I hope to be the poster child of before and after using these remedies to improve my health by losing weight, growing more hair, ridding my body of diabetes, improving my strength.

I want to keep this short and let you into a world that will help Medicare by reducing costs if we are healthy seniors.  I fell into the trap of taking prescribed medications that I want to eliminate from my life and to show other seniors how it is done.  I have to walk the walk by using the supplements myself and getting the results by losing another 50 lbs., growing more hair, getting my muscles & bones stronger, eliminating or reducing diabetes, improving my sexuality, and reducing the prescribed medications I am taking.  

Senior Helper Store is online to share a wealth of valuable knowledge pertaining to health and fitness for seniors. As with any new exercise program or supplement program, you should always consult with your own personal medical doctor.

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